# About me

Hi, I'm Henry!

I have a diverse range of experience in web development, software engineering, management and creative design work.

Being a curious person, I like to gain a general understanding of different fields, since I feel that I thrive on cross-linking skills and knowledge, as this allows me to tackle problems from different angles and often come up with unconventional solutions.

# Professional Experience

My career journey started as a salesperson in a streetwear shop in Hersbruck/Forchheim (opens new window), while I was offering design and website services to clients as a supplementary source of income. From there, I gained experience in 3D animation and frontend development through internships at Form Futur (opens new window) and Move it Media (opens new window) in N├╝rnberg.

After Freelancing as a web-designer I transitioned to a creative director role at Linguino GmbH (opens new window), a Berlin-based edtech game company, where I developed proficiency in full stack web development and video production.

I then decided to study Web Development at Design Akademie Berlin (opens new window) in a Dual study program while working full-time as a Backend Developer for Basilicom (opens new window).

From 2019 until 2024 I worked at Xymatic (opens new window). As a Technical Program Manager, Project Manager, Backend- and Full-Stack Developer I have been responsible for planning, managing and developing digital products, from web applications to mobile apps, and from VR to AR.

Since 2024 I'm working as a Senior Fullstack Developer at caralegal (opens new window).